12 Hour Safety Glow Sticks

12 Hour Safety Glow Sticks

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10 Inch, 12-Hour Safety Glow Sticks

Turn on the news and you’ll see it for yourself. An ice storm affecting the electricity in the Midwestern states; a hurricane blowing down power lines across the southern belt. Today’s families need to be prepared for the next emergency situation facing them. We never know when an emergency might strike. You could be driving in your car, sleeping in your warm bed at night, or sitting at the office. However, when those lights go out, panic strikes! Where is the flashlight? Where are the candles? The first concern is finding a light source so you can ensure your loved ones are safe and secure.

  • Emergency Light Source Alternative
  • Long Lasting 12 Hour Burn Time
  • Your Choice of Yellow or Green

How many times have you reached for the flashlight only to discover the batteries are dead? Many people in such situations will light a candle, but a lit candle is also a fire hazard. A safety glow stick, on the other hand, is a safe alternative that will give off light throughout the night so that you don't have to fumble about in the dark. While flashlights are indispensable, you also don't want to leave them on all night during a power failure, otherwise the batteries will drain rather quickly.

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