Military Grade Glow Sticks

Military Grade Glow Sticks

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Special Issue, U.S. Military Grade Glow Sticks

The U.S. Military has found a variety of uses for glow sticks including non-tactical military ops, safety, and night operations. Glow sticks are now put in standard issue U.S. Military safety kits as well as being used as an effective way to mark objects or areas at night in non-tactical situations. These same glow sticks are available to the general public when purchasing from Military Glow Sticks. So whatever your military or tactical glow sticks needs may be, you will be buying the right product when you purchase them from us.

  • Safe & Dependable to Use
  • Meets Special Issue Military Specifications
  • Ideal for Long-Term Storage - up to 3 Years
  • Provides up to 18 Hours of Useable Light

This is an American-Made Product, something we are very proud of at Military Glow Sticks.

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